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Samba 3.0 on woody? (backports)


I have been searching for this, but didn't find an answer yet. Backports.org has
prepared a backport of Samba 3.0 to Debian Woody. I would like to use that, but
couldn't figure out how to actually install it. These are the files available on
the site:

 Packages.gz             04-Oct-2003 12:24     4k
 libpam-smbpass_3.0.0..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   273k
 libsmbclient-dev_3.0..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   378k
 libsmbclient_3.0.0fi..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   305k
 python2.1-samba_3.0...> 04-Oct-2003 12:22    46k
 samba-common_3.0.0fi..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   1.5M
 samba-doc_3.0.0final..> 04-Oct-2003 12:21   5.8M
 samba_3.0.0final-0.b..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   1.9M
 smbclient_3.0.0final..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   2.0M
 smbfs_3.0.0final-0.b..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   259k
 swat_3.0.0final-0.ba..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   3.1M
 winbind_3.0.0final-0..> 04-Oct-2003 12:22   951k

I have searched the Debian manuals, the list's archive and googled for it, but I
couldnt figure out what to do to install the packages. There is this Packages.gz
file that I believe should be merged into some resources file for apt to find
it, but my attempts were in vain.
Besides, I believe this will be appliable to eny other backport I might want to

Can anyone enlighten me on that?


Best Regards,

Breno Moiana
"Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life."

"Ciência é conhecimento organizado. Sabedoria é vida organizada."
    -- Immanuel Kant

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