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Re: libc6 gcc wrapper


On Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 12:40:54AM +0100, Pigeon <jah.pigeon@ukonline.co.uk> wrote:
> Er, I think you may have misunderstood... I have a wrapper around gcc
> to ensure it is always called with my desired optimisation options
> even if I'm compiling a package with ill-behaved makefiles that ignore
> CFLAGS etc. Simply to compile a package does not of itself require a
> wrapper.
 No, I was right. I am some kind of experienced Debian user, and
ofcourse I compile with debuild only. Why I was requisting the wrapper
is a simple fact, that it may help to enforce the same gcc flags for
every *.c/*.cpp files

> In particular, it doesn't sound like your problem can be solved by the
> use of a wrapper. Off the top of my head I'd guess that perhaps your
> gcc installation has been corrupted
 Well, it should not be a problem, as it's almost freshly installed
system, and I can compile other big things like an universal kernel
(everything are compiled as modules, with added patches like Orlov for
ext3, grsecurity and the like). On an other test machine this kernel can
boot up via initrd, and use two different scsi cards, two different
network cards, and use ide for 60Gb LVM2 partitions.

> That's little more than guessing
> though.
 Yes, that's why I am lost. Previously I thought it was because I
altered glibc, but it's the same with apt-get source glibc and debuild
immediately without changing anything.

> Can you compile other stuff OK?
 Yes, and it seems it's neither a memory problem, I run unstable on this
machine with Gnome2.4, compile a lot of stuff, and this is the only
problem I have.
 I think I should write about what I am trying to achieve: I would like
to compile a _locale package only_, where the default locale is hu, and
it's being generated with locale-gen. So the only thing I mess with
libc6 is because they come from the same source: glibc.

> What exactly segfaults?
 See the attached script. It's ugly, but may be better for our case than
debootstrap. This script should install a chroot system from the testing
packages, but as soon as one of the packages would like to use hostname,
and it's not found at the stage, I get a segfault. If all I do is to put
back the original libc6 and locales packages from the debian archive,
then everything are fine.

> (well actually I'm sending it to debian-user and BCCing you since I
> can't find your email address on the list for the last few months and
> don't want to risk inundating you with swen).
 Thanks for it, I do appreciate it!

> Since you've asked for it, I'm attaching my wrapper... please note:
 Thanks! I hope I can try it soon.


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