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Re: classic deficiancy in both windows and linux ?

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 09:54:55AM -0400, Daniel B. wrote:
| Ron Johnson wrote:
| > On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 17:08, James D. Freels wrote:
| > > Can you figure out a way to get a listing of a directory (folder in
| > > Windows) and print it, without resorting to command prompt ?
| > 
| > What's wrong with the command line? 
| When you're looking at a directory using a graphical interface, a lot:
| - You have to open or at least switch to a different window.


| - You have to type or copy and paste the directory name.

Not necessarily.  I've seen some Windows shell tools that put a "Open
Command Prompt Here" entry in the right-click menu.  It's very handy
to switch from Explorer to a shell.  Surely the linux counterparts can
do this as well.

| - You won't get the same data displayed by the graphical interface
|   (which you'd expected it to print if it supported printing).

Maybe, maybe not.  What data is this, exactly?  ls and stat show you
just about every property of a file.  A suitable set of options or
integration of the two can give you the same info.  You won't,
however, get the same graphical icon that you (probably) see next to
the file in nautilus or konqueror; unless, of course, you write a
sufficiently complex script to include it.

| If or when one wants to use a command line, that's fine, but when
| one it using a graphic interface, it should still support printing
| directory listings.

Here's a tip:  "linux" is a kernel.  On top of that kernel are very
many applications.  Two such applications are Nautilus and Konqueror.
Are you using either one of those?  If so, file a wishlist bug report
against it asking for this feature.

In the meantime, make a script to do what you want.  That is one of
the nice things about unix systems -- you can fairly easily automate
with a script a lot of things.  You don't need to wait for some
developer to code the feature into the app itself.


Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for;
through the fear of the Lord a man avoids evil.
        Proverbs 16:6

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