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Re: ide-scsi problem on woody

Alexei Chetroi wrote:

 If you can do that, then I think your dvd drive is using ide-cd module.
Please, make sure your /etc/modules.conf contain line like
options ide-cd  ignore=hdc
 In this case, ide-cd won't probe any drives on /dev/hdc

whyle trying this, i could no longer mount the drive as hdc (of course), but the ide-scsi stuff did not work either.

since i am booting my system through an initrd, i am just wondering if i need to explicitely include ide-scsi on that initrd - early during boot, a message like 'ide-scsi.o not found...' appears - eventhough the ide-scsi module is there an is finally loaded.
unfortunatly, non of the logs has any entries regarding this.

maybe i just build a new kernel...


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