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Re: using equivs to replace debian packages

On Sat, Oct 18, 2003 at 04:48:19PM -0700, Brian Nelson wrote:

| The "problems" are the
|   Replaces: mail-transport-agent
|   Provides: mail-transport-agent
|   Conflicts: mail-transport-agent
| fields in exim's control file.  The intentional effect of these package
| relationships is to force the removal of the existing
| mail-transport-agent package before installing another one.
| Really, the problem is that one can't, as far as I know, tell dpkg to
| simultaneously remove a package and install another one.

I think you are right about dpkg's limitation, but in this case it
doesn't matter.  Simply install another package that both Provides and
Replaces (and maybe Conflicts is really necessary too)
mail-transport-agent.  dpkg will realize that you aren't leaving the
system without the dependency, and the conflict will force the old
package to be removed as the new one is installed.


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