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Re: Debian Font Guide for Newbies and the Confused

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 07:28:36AM -0700, moseley@hank.org said
> Rob,
> Thanks much for writing this up.
> One issue I have problems with is solving font problems with specific 
> applications.  It think that's due to my general lack of understanding 
> of fonts, and that there's more than one font system in use.
> I would love to see a trouble shooting section.  I'm not sure what it 
> would  include, but perhaps use of strace or ldd to determine what font 
> system the application is using.  And then how to test various steps of 
> the font selection and rendering process.  (I suppose it would be 
> helpful for me to see how to write a small application that selects 
> fonts to understand that part of the font puzzle).
> As an example, sometimes mozilla's font display is rotten.  I suspect 
> what's happening is X is making a poor font substitution.  I'd like to 
> know how to debug the process from the font mozilla asks for (assuming 
> from <font> or style sheet) and what font actually gets selected by the 
> X server for display.
> Another example is I happen to like the font used for xterm.  I don't 
> use an .Xdefault setting for xterm.  So if I wanted to use that font in 
> gvim how would determine what font xterm is using?
> I don't really want to know how to do those specific things as much as 
> know how to figure out how to do those things. ;)

This is a very interesting point, and I'm still mulling it over.  I'm
not really sure how to express general knowledge like this, I only know
what I do from experience.  An explanation of how the whole
X/xft/fontconfig font system works and inter-relates is definitely
something I'd like to write sometime, but I'll have to understand the
whole thing myself, first :)

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