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Mailboxes, etc.

No relation to the P.O. box chain :p

I wonder what most people use to organize their local mail these days? I
don't run a full-on MTA, I rely on fetchmail and procmail for the
delivery of my messages, and they are stored (by default) in mbox

Are there any comparative guides out there? What are the benefits of
procmail/postfix/qmail/sendmail/fetchmail/etc.? The issue of mail in
Linux is very complicated. What is the most efficient format for storing
local mail? mbox, Maildir, postfix+mySQL, printed in hex to a
lineprinter, read by Festival into an auto-loading cassette deck?

I'm finding mbox to be very SLOW with many messages (understandably),
but the process of switching to Maildir is complex enough that I want to
be sure I'm making the right choice.


Aaron Bieber
Graphic Design // Web Design

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