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Re: What would happen to Challenge/Response if ...

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 02:21:41AM +1000, Rob Weir wrote:
> Yup.  Reason #23131 why CR is a poor solution.  I'm quite amazed at how
> well SA and simple checks like my Postfix body regexp work.  I still get
> spam, and oodles of it, but it's almost flawlessly classified.  I check
> out my spam folders every few days, and I've found perhaps five false
> positive in the past...3 months, more?  False negatives are a smallish
> issue, but almost everything that gets through is either too small for
> bayesian to work effectively, or CJK spam that I can't even read.

I'm on a "the perfect is the enemy of the good" kick these days, so I 
understand your happiness with what SpamAssassin is doing.  But I guess 
spam bothers me so deeply that I feel ONE distraction is equivalent to 
ONE THOUSAND distractions -- I still have to peform the mental 
operations: (1) Check Mail, (2) Scan Mail for distractions, (3) Delete 
distractions.  (3) is not the primary pain point for me; (2) is.

So I'm on a quest for zero-spam solutions.  My current idea is 
disposable email addys; if I can go ten days on a list mail or two 
months for a friends/family email, I'm okay with that.  I track who has 
what and send out update notices (or rejoin lists) when I change; note 
the date encoded in my addy.  I haven't scripted it yet, but I could.

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