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Re: What would happen to Challenge/Response if ...

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 09:42:31PM -0600, Paul E Condon said
> I've been looking at a lot of options for dealing with Swen
> and the next Sobig, soon to arrive. In the discussions here,
> I learned that some people use tmda as a part of their spam
> defense, and looking into it I soon learned that

If you have the level of MTA control neccessary to automatically reply
to CR queries, then just block Swen at the MTA level.  I've rejected
34552 incoming Swen mails in the past few days, before my MTA even
receives them.  Unfortunately, my secondary MXs don't know to drop that
crap, so they accept it and then try to send it on to my mail server,
making that count rather inflated.

Hm, now I check, 27253 of those did *not* come from my secondary MXs.
That is a stupid amount of crap.  In fact, it is 3.8985GB of crap.
Imagine that instead of dropping that shit on the floor, you sent a CR
query.  You've just doubled the number of mails flying around (thought
not the volume, of course).

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