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Re: good beok on mysql and php?

On (23/10/03 03:01), Edwin Lau wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> 	I am looking for a book about mysql and php to develop some web
> application.  And good suggestion?  Please CC me.
It depends on your level of competence (scripting languages etc.)  If
you're new to all this (like me) I'd recommend Larry Ullman's Visual
Quick Start Guide: PHP for the World Wide Web to get you started and PHP
MySQL for Dummies by Janet Valade.

For a more comprehensive reference/guide: PHP and MySQL Web Development
by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson which is the first book we bought but 
I found it difficult to get started with.  We've recently bought the
Second Edition which covers some significant changes in PHP version 4.2. 

If you're using  a hosted PHP/MySQL setup, it is worth checking which
program versions they provide.


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