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Re: debian

David Lorenzo wrote:

Hello, I am trying to install debian from a cd i got from a magazine but i am not very good at linux so i dont know if it is me who is not installing it properly.

Not know what CD this is (potato? woody? sid? knoppix with hd install? something else), it's not likely that anyone can give you specifics at this point.

If you have network access on that setup, I'd suggest you forget the CD (especially the second CD you mention below, which again, we have no idea of what the CD is or where it came from).

The problem is that i get to install it and when i choose what to install with tasksel i cannot pick any X-Window-System from the menu and so i think i am not installing properly any desktop environment and it never starts with gnome or kde though i know i have configure gnome2 (i upgraded it from another cd). The further i have got is to when debian tries to run gnome (after upgrading to gnome2) but it says something like "X-Window is not configure, do you want to configure now?" I pick yes but it doesnt do anything.

I never use tasksel, so can't address that.

I'm not even familiar with woody any more, so I don't know if this is applicable (so you might want to upgrade to testing or sid).

Run "apt-get install xserver-xfree86 xserver-common xfonts-base xfonts-75dpi xfonts-100dpi xfonts-scalable xbase-clients"

Then run "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86" to reconfigure X.

Report issues here.

Another problem i had during installation is that the locales in the cd (i guess they are not very well), i cannot choose anyone of them. So that when i finished installation my keyboard doesnt work properly and debian keeps saying all the time "keyboard unknown scancode" or something like that.

I'm not familiar with locales and keyboard setup either.


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