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atapi reset, irq timeout and other nasties...

ok, so i thought maybe i'd try out kernel 2.4.21 but get this: i copied the EXACT same config that i was getting the 
ATAPI reset messages with in 2.4.22 but with 2.4.21 i get a kernel panic...so i'm guessing it must be because of the gcc 
i'm using...or the driver isn't written correctly (i know this to be false as i've used it sucessfully on gentoo).

please help if you've got any leads....

(i'm trying to get ide-scsi working on sid with the latest gcc and kernel 2.4.22, but i get nothing but a series of 
atapi reset and irq timeout messages when i try to boot with the ide-scsi module).

btw, booting without ide-scsi=a breeze.


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