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Hello, I am trying to install debian from a cd i got from a magazine but i am not very good at linux so i dont know if it is me who is not installing it properly.

The problem is that i get to install it and when i choose what to install with tasksel i cannot pick any X-Window-System from the menu and so i think i am not installing properly any desktop environment and it never starts with gnome or kde though i know i have configure gnome2 (i upgraded it from another cd). The further i have got is to when debian tries to run gnome (after upgrading to gnome2) but it says something like "X-Window is not configure, do you want to configure now?" I pick yes but it doesnt do anything.

Another problem i had during installation is that the locales in the cd (i guess they are not very well), i cannot choose anyone of them. So that when i finished installation my keyboard doesnt work properly and debian keeps saying all the time "keyboard unknown scancode" or something like that.

I really appreciate your help because i wrote to the magazine telling them the problems and they havent helped. Thankyou very much for your time.


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