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Re: Where to announce?

Hmm after reading most of the documentation, what it takes to become a
official Debian developer, i think i may start by posting a .tar file
somewhere First!

About the application in question : 

name : apt-state
what it does : apt-state gives you the possibillity to 'save' or 'apply'
a "state" of packages installed. ie. lets say you have gone through the
process to finaly get all the packages you want installed, then you can
save a list of all the packages installed, to lateron be able to apply
the list of packages when you re-install your system.

And lets say you have a network of a number of machines, and want the
same "base" of packages installed on all of them, you would simply
'apply' the list you saved from the 1st machine.

So, it is perhaps not a extremly important program, but i think it is a
good-to-have program.
Hmm and ... it only looks at the name of the package, not the version or
date or .. so for this to work, you will have to manually check that
your sources.list file is the same, when you save,and when you apply.

And, PLEASE!! use with care, i dont want to be hold responsible if
anything should crash your system(not that i think it would).. 

And yeah, i run it on a x86 machine..

Get a .tar.bz2 file here :

Try it, and tell me what you think, and what changes that You think
would be good..

Oh yeah, BTW, its still under development, so i have some additional
output that will be removed later.

Best regards

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