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Re: Re: Gnome, Nautilus, KDE anomalies

On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 03:51, G D Roux wrote:
> This morning, I booted up and tried to run K-Mail. The Gnome desktop
> had gone, but my mouse cursor froze, my hard drive light went on full
> time, and my whole system went totally sluggish. First message I got
> was that Nautilus was searching my drives for 'Trash folders' , and
> later one that said that Nautilus-throbber had crashed (fatal error or
> suchlike, error message 2147), then the system started spawning
> desktop folders 
> Ziggy

It sounds like you're in KDE, but for some reason Nautilus is attempting
to run. In my experience, Nautilus - in it's default configuration -
does not like playing very well with anything except GNOME. If you are
trying to run Nautilus - don't, or leave it till you are using GNOME.

Just to clear a couple of things up;
Konqueror is a file manager, and a web browser, similar to
IE/Explorer/My Computer in that regard.

Nautilus is a file manager. It is not a web browser. It has some
capacity to handle basic http, but is not (to my knowledge) anywhere
close to acting like a full web browser.

Galeon, it's counterpart - is a web browser, and does not have any file
manager like properties.

KDE and GNOME both have what are called sessions. This is where programs
that were open when you logged out will reopen. The effectiveness of
this depends on how well the program save their state. My suggestion is
to open KDE, and leave it for five minutes while the computer grinds
away. Once it's got everything open, close off all the unwanted

I hope this helps. :)

- Edward

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