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Re: exim4-daemon-heavy and exiscan virus/spam filtering

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On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 05:35:40PM +0200, Benedict Verheyen wrote:
> 1. I fetch my mail via fetchmail from my mailbox at my isp. The standard
> way of exiscan's handling viruses and spam seems to be that it refuses the
> mail. Is there a way of deleting the virus or spam mails on my remote
> mailbox instead? That way i wouldn't actually have to download all these
> swen messages and save bandwidth.

Get your mail host to do that, or switch to someone who will.

> 2. Can i still configure exiscan in such a way that i, for instance would
> let spam through (but off course marking it as spam) so i can use sa-learn
> on it?

dman's example at
http://dman13.dyndns.org/~dman/config_docs/exim-spamassassin/ works
well, one minor adjustment I would make (and I hope dman sees this)
would be to change is when you're setting up the spamcheck transport,
instead of...

transport_filter = /usr/bin/spamc

...I would make that line...

transport_filter = /usr/bin/spamc -u $local_part

...which allows each user to use thier own spamassassin configuration
in ~/.spamassassin

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