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Re: No X configuration offered during install of Woody (30r1)

Andreas Janssen wrote:

> > 1) Can anybody suggest any obvious reasons why I was not offered any
> > of the X setup screens during the original installation?
> By default, Debian will not install XFree. You can however select it at
> the end of the installation via dselect or tasksel.

This seems to be the problem,  I was not offered Xfree by tasksel so the 
fault must have occurred before that.  I've since seen a sample tasksel 
menu where Xfree was the very top item, above desktop, but my top item 
was desktop.  I had expected 'X' to be installed as a result of choosing 
desktop since you cannot, to the best of my knowledge, run a desktop 
without some form of 'X'.

> So I would start in single user mode (if you use lilo, type "Linux 
> init s" at the boot prompt.

Very Nice!

Regards,  Andrew Borland (UK)

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