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Re: Debian Font Guide for Newbies and the Confused

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 02:23:02AM -0400, kmark@pipeline.com wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 moseley@hank.org wrote:
> > ...
> > One issue I have problems with is solving font problems with specific
> > applications.  It think that's due to my general lack of understanding
> > of fonts, and that there's more than one font system in use.
> > ...
> ...
> I'd second that! I'd like to know what which font management is used by
> App X, so that I know how to address font problems. Maybe it could be
> added to packages like: readme.font-config or added to the pkg info like
> 'installed-size'. Better font info and thus handling would go a long way
> to makeing gnu/linux and debian better accecpted.

I've been trying to change to different fonts in the xfig app, but
it seems to compile-in all its fonts, even to the point of presenting
fonts in its menus which don't exist on the system.  I've installed some
additional fonts on my system (woody), but have yet to figure out how
to get xfig to use them, and AFAICT there's no way to do so.

Looking at xfig's source, it uses standard XLib functions to manipulate
fonts, but apparently hard-codes the list of fonts to use.  plotutils also
seems to do hard-code its fonts, at least according to a quick glance at
the source.  I wonder if there's something special about these apps that
dictate this, perhaps performance?  I'd prefer to have greater flexibility
(in font selection) over performance, but maybe there are other reasons.


PS, OT: Bracing myself for a new swen onslaught triggered by posting this,
now that the last "attack" has slowed to 5 or so per day after a couple
posts some weeks ago.

Ken Irving, Research Analyst, fnkci@uaf.edu, 907-474-6152
Water and Environmental Research Center
Institute of Northern Engineering
University of Alaska, Fairbanks

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