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Re: scsi emulation: atapi reset irq timeout and other nasties...

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:27:02 -0700 (PDT)
Garrett Patrick McLean <carrett@OCF.Berkeley.EDU> wrote:

> if anybody has any clue or ANY suggestion i haven't tried yet i'd
> gladly take it....left my computer off over night to be sure it wasn't
> overheating...still no luck. i've also tried unloading the ide-cd
> module entirely....still the same problem.... HELP!!!!

 Your problem looks to me a lot like one I had. 
Linux-2.4.xx includes a CDROM Packet interface in the
		IDE CD driver. For this driver libscg now includes
		support in pre-alpha status. Use cdrecord dev=ATAPI -scanbus
		to check for drives and e.g. cdrecord dev=ATAPI:0,0 ....
		for writing. Note that this interface is not integrated into
		the standard libscg device naming scheme. Support for
		this interface has been included because it is the only
		way to use a PCCARD/PCMCIA writer - trying to use ide-scsi
		on a PCATA interface will cause a Linux kernel panic
		or will block all ATAPI drives.

For more see
I have been burning CDs without scsi.

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