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Re: Where to announce?

smurfd wrote:


I was wondering, if I had made a program, designed for Debian, and
wanted others to try it out, and give me their opinion/suggestions etc..

Would this list be a good place, or perhaps some of the devel lists?


I have seen a number of these type of questions over the years & most people tend to be very wary of using unsolicited software. I would suggest that you follow the path of getting a current debian developer to sponser the package if you can . That way it can eventually be uploaded to the correct area of debian AFTER someone who is sanctioned has checked it out. You should make that type of inquery on the developers list. BE PATIENT! These folks are almost always VERY BUSY. Also you may want to speak to some of the developers about their experiences regarding getting started as a Debian Developer. This is the way most people become sanctioned developers. Get sponsered. Get sanctioned.

If you are in a hurry to get the package tried out perhaps you should list the download site and have a VERY GOOD listing of the applications properties and especially any bugs that you are currently working on. There are a few hardy souls who will try out apps that are presented like this. The greatest problem is normally that there is insufficient info on the app. A last thought. If the app is NOT going to be liscensed as GPL, LGPL or something appropriate for Debian you are definitly in the wrong area. Try for a commercial development sanction. Good Luck.! We need many more folks who are willing to allocate their efforts to enhancing the scope of Debian.

John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems

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