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Re: Where to announce?

Hey john!

Hmm okey.. well ill think you are right..

'Cus if i put the software here(debian-user@), people would indeed test
it,wich would create panic if the software would crash boxes.., but i
still (if i would want it, wich i think i will) need to go through the
sanctioning process, if i would like it to be a part of debian releases.

And yes. it would be under either GPL or LGPL..

A Huge thankyou, to you!

Best regards

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 19:19, John Foster wrote:
> smurfd wrote:
> >Hey!
> >
> >I was wondering, if I had made a program, designed for Debian, and
> >wanted others to try it out, and give me their opinion/suggestions etc..
> >
> >Would this list be a good place, or perhaps some of the devel lists?
> >
> >/smurfd
> >
> >
> >
> >  
> >
> I have seen a number of these type of questions over the years & most 
> people tend to be very wary of using unsolicited software. I would 
> suggest that you follow the path of getting a current debian developer 
> to sponser the package if you can . That way it can eventually be 
> uploaded to the correct area of debian  AFTER  someone who is sanctioned 
> has checked it out. You should make that type of inquery on the 
> developers list. BE PATIENT! These folks are almost always VERY BUSY. 
> Also you may want to speak to some of the developers about their 
> experiences regarding getting started as a Debian Developer.  This is 
> the way most people become sanctioned developers. Get sponsered. Get 
> sanctioned.
> If you are in a hurry to get the package tried out perhaps you should 
> list the download site and have a VERY GOOD listing of the applications 
> properties and especially any bugs that you are currently working on. 
> There are a few hardy souls who will try out apps that are presented 
> like this. The greatest problem is normally that there is insufficient 
> info on the app.
> A last thought. If the app is NOT going to be liscensed as GPL, LGPL or 
> something appropriate for Debian you are definitly in the wrong area. 
> Try for a commercial development sanction.
> Good Luck.! We need many more folks who are willing to allocate their 
> efforts to enhancing the scope of Debian.

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