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Re: Search feature in PDF files

Joachim Fahnenmueller wrote:
On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 10:27:14PM -0400, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Are there any Free Software PDF viewers that have the ability to search
and copy/paste text and graphics?  I ask because I find that sometimes
I have to use acroread (non-free, of course) becuase I have a large PDF
file and I need to search for a string, or copy a long selection of
text.  I would prefer to not use the non-free app, but I have come to
rely on the search and copy functions.  Are there any alternatives?

I have already looked at gv, ggv, and gpdf, but it's not there in any
of those.  What does everyone else use?


(In addition th what has already been mentioned:)

To get text out of a pdf file: pdftotext (package xpdf-utils). Generates
a text file in which you can search, copy, edit, ...

To get images: pdfimages (xpdf-utils) or pstoedit.


True.  However, I was looking for something more interactive. I.e.,
I am reading a book on OpenGL programming (which is in PDF format).

As I read I like to be able to copy/paste the code samples and try
them out.  With the utilites you mention, it would be decidedly more
difficult to read, because by extracting either text or graphics, I
lose the other and all the formatting.

But thanks for the info.


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