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Re: gnome-terminal corupting utmp


David Purton <dcpurton@chariot.net.au> writes:

> system - testing, + bits of gnome2 from unstable.
>          I log in using gdm and have gnome-terminal start
> 	 automatically and then restart if it's closed (from
> 	 gnome-session).
> I've noticed that when I start another gnome-terminal, either from
> command line or gnome2 menus and then exit from the terminal (via
> exit) the record is not removed from /var/run/utmp.
> The problem does not occur using xterm.
> Has anybody any idea why this might happen and how I can stop it
> happening.

Known problem, 


Latest gnome-terminal from unstable (version 2.4.1-2) seems to behave
better (maybe fixed the bug?), but I still did not have to test it
thoroughly (the package entered unstable today).

Hope this helps,


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