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Re: More on spam

> > ..Swen is no different than 9/11.  So, next time someone points a gun
> > your way, you do not want the police doing _anything_ about it?

I mean, seriously, I don't like to flame ANYONE, but that has got to be
the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.  Matter of fact,
I feel dumber for even reading it.  

9/11 = 3000 people blowing up in a building.  An attack on our nation.
swen = 3000 emails a day.  Hardly "no different"

Before you make comments like that, you should consider that there are
many, many people that were affected by 9/11, some of whom read this

Let's try to keep a little perspective here. SPAM sucks, but it's not
lethal (thank God!).

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