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Somewhat ON-TOPIC (was Re: A newbie's confusion about GPL (BS))

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 06:17:07PM -0500, James W. Thompson, II wrote:
> Boy has this thread gone out into left/right field, however you want 
> to term it, and gotten off topic. Why do we allow ourselves to be 
> distracted and flame back and forth, completely ignoring why this list 
> exists, we're here to form a constructive dialogue and to help each 
> other solve real problems with specific systems, not argue over stuff 
> completely disconnected from this list's purpose. Nobody can ever win 
> an argument without killing their opponent physically, emotionally or 
> otherwise; and to endeavor to do such is downright immoral and 
> unethical. 

Though I haven't really participated, I personally do actually like OT
threads like this one. Go figure. :) Sure, some of the flaming can get
kind of thick at times, but it's also interesting to see some opinions
every once in a while. However, I definitely do agree that this should
NOT be on debian-user. So why don't we have a debian-ot list? Once a
thread goes OT, it just gets migrated to debian-ot, and those
interested can pursue it there while the rest of debian-user is not
inundated with it.

> P.S. - On the political side of things I am a Christian, an American, 
> and a Conservative and if anyone gives a rip about my view of
> america's 

I'm a Muslim, Canadian, Liberal! Die scumbag!!! :) Sorry, couldn't
resist. :) (And I'm none of the above.)

p.s. To actually contribute something that's ON-TOPIC, I'd suggest
that in the future you consider snipping irrelevant parts of an old
email in your replies. That way we don't have to see all of an old
message when, in fact, your comments may only deal with a small
fragment of it. Also, when you reply, please do not top-post, but
rather include your reply AFTER the quoted text you're replying
to. This is a 'standard' that has, unfortunately, been steadily losing
ground due to Microsoft's decisions with their mail clients.

Alex Malinovich
Support Free Software, delete your Windows partition TODAY!
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