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Re: cdrom not working

Jose Colmenares wrote:

About two months ago I installed woody on a HP pentium, and worked just fine. A few days ago I tried to reinstall the thing, but suddenly the the machine wouldn't boot from the cd. It's the same cd I used the first time. I have even checked it out in other computers. I changed the cdrom about two weeks ago, for one identical to the one I had. ¿What could be the cause of the trouble?

Will the machine boot off some other CD? Does it even look like it's trying to boot off the CD (e.g. BIOS settings determining boot order)? Do you still have woody on the box? If so, boot into it and mount the CD; does it mount? is it readable? If you do still have woody on the box, why are you reinstalling? Practice? Still used to the way it is in the Windows world?


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