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Re: cdrom not working

CC'ing to the list, for archival purposes.

Kent West wrote:

    Will the machine boot off some other CD?

I'm not sure if your "Yes" below refers to this question, the next question, or both.

    Does it even look like it's
    trying to boot off the CD (e.g. BIOS settings determining boot order)?

Jose Colmenares wrote:

            Yes. the BIOS setting is ok. It does look like it's trying
        to boot. Booting from the CD is allowed, and a light turns on
        when booting... but it continues to the hard drive... as if
        the CD had no operating system.

Kent wrote:

    Do you still have woody on the box? If so, boot into it and mount the
    CD; does it mount? is it readable?

Jose wrote:

        Yes, it does mount, and it's readable. I also tried to boot
        off the CD in another CPU, and it worked.


        I'd say I have a hardware problem... but since it does mount
        the cd and reads it, I don't know what to think.

If this CD is a burned CD (rather than "pressed"), and if this CD drive is older (say, back in the 4x days or so), it's probably just that the CD drive is having trouble reading the CD. Those older drives tended to have trouble reading burned CDs. The typical behavior would be "unreliability"; it would look like the CD was working, then you'd start getting read errors, and after several attempts might be successful or might not be. You'd think the CD must be scratched or something, but it would work fine in another machine, etc.


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