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Re: cdrecord problem recording audio CD

On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 06:10:25AM +0800, csj wrote:
> At Sat, 18 Oct 2003 13:01:08 -0400,
> stan wrote:
> > 
> > I'm using gramofile to record tracks from an LP and split them
> > into indivudal .wav fies. I've done this a lot in the past, and
> > have always been able to go to the individual tarcks on my CD
> > player. But,as I said, I've lost my notes on how to run
> > cdrecord. I tried:
> > 
> > cdrecord -v -pad speed=16 dev=0,0 -audio s*v
> > 
> > But that seems to have created a CD that I can;'s go to teh
> > individual traks non.
> > 
> > What am I doing wrong hre?

Nothing as it seems, provided that s*v are really separate tracks. (At
least, I do it like that and it works.)
Watch cdrecord's messages, it should say something like
writing track01.wav ...
writing track02.wav ... etc.

> Maybe you need to add option -dao.  You might also need to add an
> option like fs=XXm (where m stands for megabyte) to prevent a
> buffer underrun (or to prevent burnproof from kicking in).  My
> burn command is simply:
> cdrecord -dao speed=8 dev=0,0,0 *.wav

Can someone tell me what this -dao option does? I have never used it,
and IIRC older versions of cdrecord didn't have it. Before writing this,
I read the manpage but I didn't understand it.

Joachim Fahnenmüller

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