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Re: update-modules not working

On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 09:28:45PM +0100, Richard Kimber wrote:
> If I try to do an update-modules, I am told to use
> update-modules force
> because /etc/modules.conf is not automatically generated
> However "update-modules force" merely repeats the error message:
> /etc/modutils>update-modules force
> Error: the current /etc/modules.conf is not automatically generated.
> Use "update-modules force" to force (re)generation.
> what am I doing wrong?

Don't know: according to man update-modules, it should work like this.
It may help to remove that /etc/modules.conf (or rename it) and then run

> Modules.conf is not automatically generated because it gets re-written
> when I turn the 4Front Technologies sound system on (it makes sure all
> sound modules are turned off).  I then get a whole load of logcheck
> messages about "/etc/modules.conf is more recent than
> /lib/modules/2.4.19/modules.dep". None of this stops the system working.
> but it's irritating.

A better way would be _never_ to write directly to /etc/modules.conf .
Even your sound system should better write to some file
/etc/modutils/4front and then run update-modules. (Hope you can tell it
to do so, don't know how it works.)

> Thanks.
> - Richard.
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Joachim Fahnenmüller

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