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UPgrade to testing breaks atitvout?

I've got a Dell Latutude Cpx notebook: P-III 650, 256MB RAM, ATI
Mach64 video.

For several months I've been happily running woody plus the
backported KDE3.1.

Last night I dist-upgraded to testing, although I'm still using the
KDE3.1 for woody. (This combination has been running successfully on
my desktop for months) I did this so as to get the new OpenOffice 1.1,
which is in testing but not yet in stable.

After the upgrade I rebooted (just to make sure) and everything seemed
fine: KDE OK, OpenOffice, XEmacs, etc, etc, everything seemed fine.

Until I took the machine into class this morning. I've been using the
atitvout command to enable the CRT connection so that I can project
the computer image onto a screen in class. This command has been
excellent until now. Very occasionally it would fail, with a message
about VBE and that perhaps my video card wasn't capable, but usually
opening a new root shell window and rerunning would fix.

Until today. Now atitviout consistently complains my video card lacks
capability and, what is more, the keyboard BIOS method of swtiching
from LCD to CRT (alas there is no "use both" which is why I started to
use atitvout in the first palce) has also stopped working.

I have more investigating to do but wonder if there are any known
problems which people will recognise. This is a major pain and I may to
either go back to woody (not something I really want to do) or, I
suppose, I could run Knoppix - although it may not include

Any help very gratefully received.

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