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Re: how do you fix a lost interrupt error?

On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 02:03:11PM -0500, Wathen, Metherion wrote:
| Anyone got any ideas on how to properly exit from a lost interrupt error?
| Occasionally my cdrom will hang and I get this: 'hdc: lost interrupt'

Uh-oh.  But this is a cd drive?  I don't know, but I used to see this
with the hard drive on one machine.  It turned out that the drive was
ok, but the power supply was too weak to power it.  Removing an unused
drive (zip drive, and maybe the cd too because I didn't use it much)
made the symptons go away.  In other scenarios I've heard of, the lost
interrupt indicates a drive about to die.

| Most often occurs when I've been swapping cdroms a lot looking for something.
| it'll run like that forever if i let it
| usually i hit the reset button to get out of it, there's got to be a better way tho'

When my hard drive wasn't getting sufficient power, a hard reset was
the only recourse.  Sucks, but broken hardware does that.


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