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Re: software download

On Oct Mon 20 2003 02:01, SpawnPPC wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm Emanuele, from Italy.
> Where I can found and download with apt-get this software for DebianPPC 
> unstable distribution?
> - Wine
> - WineX
> - PSX Emulator
> - Nintendo64 Emulator
> - Atari Jaguard Emulator
> - 3DO Emulator
> - CD32 Emulator
> - Dreamcast Emulator
> - XMame Emulator
> - XMameX (x server)
> - Opera
> - GameBoy Emulator
> - GameBoy Color Emulator
> - GameBoy Color Advance Emulator
> - LibMagick5.5.5 (needed to install transcode package) (i have found 
> libmagick5.5.7 but it isn't compatible)
> Thanx for all and good work.
> Emanuele.

Hi Emanuele,

It is usually considered of good "nettiquete" to give some feedback to
the answers you get from a list such as DebianPPC. Specially when the
questions you ask have an easy answer (meaning a straight Google search)
and you still get some answers from people.

I know that your english might not be perfect... but neither is mine! I
am Spanish, and you are Italian (we are almost cousins), but a quick
email (like the quick emails that you send to the list) to say thanks
should be enough.

And remember... Google is your friend...

J. Javier Maestro

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