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Re: software download

On Tuesday, Oct 21, 2003, at 00:36 America/New_York, J. Javier Maestro wrote:

On Oct Mon 20 2003 02:01, SpawnPPC wrote:
Hi all,

I'm Emanuele, from Italy.

Where I can found and download with apt-get this software for DebianPPC
unstable distribution?

- Wine
- WineX
- PSX Emulator
- Nintendo64 Emulator
- Atari Jaguard Emulator
- 3DO Emulator
- CD32 Emulator
- Dreamcast Emulator
- XMame Emulator
- XMameX (x server)
- Opera
- GameBoy Emulator
- GameBoy Color Emulator
- GameBoy Color Advance Emulator
- LibMagick5.5.5 (needed to install transcode package) (i have found
libmagick5.5.7 but it isn't compatible)

Thanx for all and good work.


Hi Emanuele,

It is usually considered of good "nettiquete" to give some feedback to
the answers you get from a list such as DebianPPC. Specially when the
questions you ask have an easy answer (meaning a straight Google search)
and you still get some answers from people.

I know that your english might not be perfect... but neither is mine! I
am Spanish, and you are Italian (we are almost cousins), but a quick
email (like the quick emails that you send to the list) to say thanks
should be enough.

And remember... Google is your friend...

Google isn't everyone's friend: http://www.google-watch.org/

There are other search engines out there, and they actually work. Yes, Google seems to work best, but its scary to me that they are completely privately held and basically accountable to no one. Google is pretty much the opposite of Debian in that regard. It would be great if there were publically maintained search engine, we need a free search engine that runs on free software.

time to get off the soapbox... (this wasn't meant to be a personal attack at all, I am merely trying to spread the word).


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                    There is no way to peace, peace is the way.
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