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Re: Epiphany.

Lance Simmons wrote:
* Michael Bona <mbona@bigfoot.com> [031020 17:18]:

Try apt-cache search epiphany (or whatever). Shows all packages with
epiphany in the name.

"apt-cache search <keyword>" also shows all packages with <keyword> in
in the brief description and in the complete description.  "apt-cache
search browser", for example, returns over 300 results, whereas
"apt-cache search browser | grep browser" returns 70 results.  Over 300
packages mention "browser" somewhere in the description, and 70 packages
include "browser" in the short description.

What you probably want is 'apt-cache pkgnames <keyword>', which returns
packages that have a name starting with <keyword>.

$ apt-cache pkgnames browser


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