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Re: Newbie on troubles...

On Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:20:13 +0800, Rob Weir wrote:

> [Please wrap your lines!  It makes it much easier to read, and thus more
> likely that you'll get a response.  Anywhere between 70 and 80 is
> acceptable; 72 seems to be a nice value.]
> On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 10:40:32AM -0700, Mauricio Argote said
>> Hello there,
>> I installed Debian on my pc and have some troubles making it work. Does
>> anybody can give me a clue about how to proceed?
>> Here are the problems:
>> 1) NETWORK CARD NOT RECOGNIZED.  I am connected to a LAN with a static
>> IP address. I am using a "SMC EZ PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet Network Card,
>> Series SMC1255TX/LP".  When installing Debian, the network card wasn't
>> recognized.  I found that there are Linux drivers downloadables from
>> SMC website, but I don't know if they would work on Debian, and I have
>> no idea how I could install them.  Somebody told me that this card uses
>> tulip (?). Why then it wasn't recognized?
> Debian doesn't do any hardware detection, by default.  If you want that,
> install the "discover" package.  I'm fairly sure you do need the tulip

Yes - been there and done that with the same card. The problem is that at
configuration time you did not search all the modules available. Tulip is
certainly in there, and once installed the card works perfectly. 

Have you downloaded, printed and read twice the installation manual for
Debian? Keep it handy at all times during the install process.



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