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Re: problem setting up spamassassin

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003 07:30:11 +0800, Paul E Condon wrote:

> I've been following the discussion of spam flood, and decided to try
> using spamassassin. I'm running a plain vanilla Sarge, with dialup. I
> use fetchmail, exim, procmail, mutt.  After apt-get install fetchmail I
> look at README.Debian for instructions on what to do next. I see "Please
> read the README for instructions on setting up your .procmailrc file." I
> open up README.gz and search for procmail. The search fails. I read
> README.gz and see that I need to look at the INSTALL file for how to
> install spamassassin, but there is no INSTALL file.
> My question is: Having done apt-get install spamassassin, what do I do
> next? Surely I need to read something and do some configuration, but
> where are the directions? Where do I go next _within the Debian
> environment_?

I have just succeeded in setting up spamassassin, using Woody 2.4.20 - I
could not get the apt-get installed version to work for me, so I went to
the spamassassin download page, d/l the tar.gz of version 2.60, and
follwed the instructions. Went very easily.

Then, to co-ordinate with KMail, follow the link to page:


and you should be up and running. I assume you have procmail installed. 



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