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Re: Frame Buffer problems

Dasn Cups wrote:
On Sat, Oct 18, 2003 at 04:11:38PM +0300, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

try with `VESA VGA graphics console' instead:
it is fine on my Radeon 9000 M.

stan wrote:

I'm setting up a "testing" machine. It's got an idnetical video card to the
one O'm typping on (Radeon). I copied over the kernel config file, and
rebuilt a new kernel (2.4.22) for the new machine. I;ve done MAKEDVE

However I still can't get the new machine to boot in framebuffer mode.
Any thoughts on what I'm missing?


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I met the same problem that haven't been solved yet.
I took the `VESA VGA graphics console' option, but couldn't get the '0x303'
when I booted the new kernel with 'vga=ask' parameter.
Any idea? Thanks

May be you have to set a another vga number:
google can be useful to get a correct one.


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