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Re: Decent browsers for Linux? Anything to replace IE?

At Fri, 17 Oct 2003 16:19:27 -0400,
Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> Wathen, Metherion wrote:
> > Personally, I prefer Opera for linux, on my old box it loads
> > at least twice as fast as Mozilla, not that I dislike
> > mozilla, opera was just faster.  have they got tabbed
> > browsing in ie yet?
> > 
> Have you tried Firebird at all?  I find that it loads quicker
> than anything else.  Even on Windows it loads quicker than IE.

I'm sure it can't possibly load any faster than the three
text-mode browsers I have installed ;-): lynx, w3m and edbrowse.
(You could also think of wget as an offline browser.)  But let's
see.  Should loading time be that much of an issue once the
program is loaded and you're using it?

> What I really like about FireBird is that it is totally
> self-contained.  All the files and libs you need are in the
> program's own folder.  So at school, I downloaded it into my
> home directory, so that when I am forced to use a Windows
> machine (like in most of the labs) I have right there already.
> It's great.

You can probably also download versions of lynx, links (and its
cousins), and w3m for Windows and even DOS.

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