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RE: Decent browsers for Linux? Anything to replace IE?

> >Personally, I prefer Opera for linux, on my old box it loads
> >at least twice as fast as Mozilla, not that I dislike mozilla,
> >opera was just faster.
> >have they got tabbed browsing in ie yet?
> >
> If you're going to make commentary like that, you might want 
> to keep up 
> with the current state of projects like Mozilla.
> Since you're questioning whether Mozilla has tabbed browsing (it has 
> for...oh...a year now maybe?), then you're probably not aware of the 
> *amazing* performance increases that it has seen in the same 
> time period.

I regularly d/l moz for windows, i'm aware that MOZILLA has tabbed
i am also aware that mozilla is faster than IE, never questioned it.
i am questioning if INTERNET EXPLORER had tabbed browsing yet.
(firing up IE 6.xx, to see that it doesnt!)


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