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Re: Re. CD writer - still

hi ya sidney

please post your .config file in its entiity or
send it to me/us/somebody ..
	or where ever you put the kernel
c ya

you can have lilo do anything you like ...
	- for  simplicity ... make a boot floppy
	for the cdrw version of the kernel
	and that will not touch any of your
	current existing boot stuff

	( syslinux, lilo, dd, grub, ... )

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Sidney Brooks wrote:

> I am still at it. I believe that I have created the
> proper Debian package for a kernel that should enable
> CD writing. I still can't do it.
> As I explained many messages ago, my lilo is on a
> different partition than the one for which I want CD
> writing. The new kernel created a lilo which is
> located on the partition for which I want CD writing.
> Does anybody know how to get the lilo on the partition
> to install its kernel without messing up my main lilo?

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