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OT: ST Philosophy [WAS: Re: More on spam]

Jeff Elkins wrote:

However, to slip into SF geekism, I remember Spock saying to Kirk, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

I think the needs of the many have spelled an end to email addresses being posted on debian.org web pages.


I am going way OT here, but that is not always the case.

The line you are referring to occurred at the end of ST2: The Wrath of
Khan.  The ship was doomed and Spock went into the reactor chamber (or
comething like that).  Very noble.

Of course there was another movie after that, ST3: The Search for Spock.
When Spock realizes the lengths that Kirk and the Enterprise crew took
to find him, he realizes that occasionally you have to sacrifice the
good of the many for the good of the one.

In our case, most of us are experienced users and admins, thus handling
the constant flow of spam is doable for us.  Not that it is fun or
pleasurable, but doable.  The benefit is that people have the ability
to contact us (this is a benefit to them, not us).  Several times,
people have emailed me out of the blue and asked for my help on Debian-
related things because of my postings (I presume).  I am always happy
to oblige, because I believe in Linux, and Debian in particular, and
want to do everything I can to further its adoption.

If you don't want people mailing you off-list or out of the blue, then
send your mails to /dev/null or use an account that you don't check.

I look at it this way: let the spam flow and help slowly bring more
people to Debian and Linux, which in turn means fewer Windows user and
machines in the wild, which means less spam ultimately.  If you turn
those people away (by obfuscating the addresses on the archives) it is
possible that they may continue using their spyware/adware-laden, worm
infested, spam generating windows box.

I am just as pissed as the next person about all the spam, but that's
life (for now).


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