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Re: exim exposed to the internet

David Fokkema wrote:
Hi group,

I had trouble with my ISPs mail server which was telling me that it
wasn't going to relay mail for me. This is since friday, and still going

Have you called your ISP?
Is it the server (error message) or the people that are saying they won't relay for you?
How are the average users of the ISP suppose to send email?
Is this an issue of them not wanting you to use a domain name other than the isp's domain for your email?

I think that for the most cases relaying through your ISP is a good idea. They are online all the time to handle 5 day's of retrying for network/dns failures. They should (hopefully) know which customer sent which email and send it back to the right person if delivery fails and (hopefully) limit or block outgoing virus generated mail and inform the sender their system is infected. (*fumes* to the ISP's that send the message on after *kindly* removing the virus...) I know other people have other thoughs and reasons, but I think if the ISP will do a good job handling mail, I have _no_ issues with them firewalling outgoing/incoming SMTP (port 25) traffic that doesn't go through the ISP. If I need to send through another mail server, I can use a secure tunnel or smtps.


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