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Re: exim exposed to the internet

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 02:41:17AM -0600, Jacob Anawalt wrote:
> David Fokkema wrote:
> >Hi group,
> >
> >I had trouble with my ISPs mail server which was telling me that it
> >wasn't going to relay mail for me. This is since friday, and still going
> >on. 
> [snip]
> Have you called your ISP?

Nope, it was during the weekend.

> Is it the server (error message) or the people that are saying they 
> won't relay for you?

Server error message.

> How are the average users of the ISP suppose to send email?

Everyone (including me) is _supposed_ to use the ISP's smarthost.

> Is this an issue of them not wanting you to use a domain name other than 
> the isp's domain for your email?

I don't think so.

> I think that for the most cases relaying through your ISP is a good 
> idea. They are online all the time to handle 5 day's of retrying for 
> network/dns failures. They should (hopefully) know which customer sent 
> which email and send it back to the right person if delivery fails and 
> (hopefully) limit or block outgoing virus generated mail and inform the 
> sender their system is infected. (*fumes* to the ISP's that send the 
> message on after *kindly* removing the virus...) I know other people 

_All_ the swen mails I got are of this type. All the ones I don't get
are blocked by clamav (amavis).

> have other thoughs and reasons, but I think if the ISP will do a good 
> job handling mail, I have _no_ issues with them firewalling 
> outgoing/incoming SMTP (port 25) traffic that doesn't go through the 
> ISP. If I need to send through another mail server, I can use a secure 
> tunnel or smtps.

I'm back with my ISP again. They resolved their problem (apparently) and
I couldn't send mail to a particular domain which told me that 'your
Host has no Name'. Well, great. I _think_ it has to do with the fact
that resolving my domainname to my IP address works (via DynDNS.org) but
the reverse lookup returns xx.xx.xx.xx-customer.isp.nl. Nice, :-/


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