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Re: More on spam

Jeff Elkins wrote:
On Thursday 16 October 2003 10:58 pm, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Sidney Brooks wrote:

If the former, at
what will it have to conceded that the spammers have
made this user organization useless?

You are not being singled out.  Neither has this
rendered the list useless.  Check the list archives
for various solutions to the problem:

While it hasn't made the list useless, it is indeed a major pain in the ass that's fairly recent. I've been on this list about a year and haven't had this bad a problem before. It's a nasty problem that shouldn't be minimized. Many users won't (or can't) take "heroic" steps (spamassassin,mailfilter,etc) but will abandon the list as a resource instead.
Jeff Elkins

While abandoning the list is what the majority do in situations like this, I'd like to point out that that WON'T help the spam at all. Once the spam bots or spammers catch your address, they have it.

Back when I was starting out wtih USENET (when the swen first started eating up all of my inboxes) I made the mistake of supplying a valid email address,thinking USENET to be a great place to meet friends and ladies...

Anyway, I took my valid email addresses out of all of my news accounts, but the swen still piles up. All it takes is one mistake, and the spam is there to stay.

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