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Re: Mozilla Mail & Microsoft Outlook

Ron Johnson wrote:
On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 16:51, Alan Chandler wrote:
When I did it, "apt-get install courier-imap" just about did all I needed. I certainly don't remember having to do any other playing about to get it to work. Obviously if you want to use it to receive mail into the Maildirs that it uses you have to do something with an MTA, but thats a different issue.

But isn't that what make IMAP really useful (for a "home LAN" user)?

I.e., getting fetchmail & SpamAssassin & exim|postfix to feed the mail to IMAP, so that you can use Evo, WebMail, KMail, etc.

exactly, I'd never go back (to not using imap)! also it's easy to check email remotely (imaps), no worries about conflicts (when using multiple clients at the same time) etc...


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