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Re: problem with lilo >22.5 and volume IDs

Andrés Roldán wrote:
LILO 22.5.7-1 on Woody?

...from testing, this is not woody anymore?

My Asus A7V133 also has an onboard Promise-Controller running on
RAID0, which contain a WinXP system.

When running lilo finds duplicate VolumeIDs, it is on /dev/ataraid/d0
and /dev/hde which also addresses the first disk from the raid set.
So it sees the same drive but wants different IDs for them.

I can't let lilo set a new VolumeID because Windows will refuse to
boot (and ID of both devices will be changed - so it probably won't
work as well).

I assume you backported this version ( If you did, please
backport (22.5.8) which have the feature of skip some disks for the
volume ID check, simply by marking them as inaccessible as follows:
disk=/dev/hde inaccessible

This may skip the volume ID check when running LILO. Again, this is
a new feature of LILO which can only be found on 22.5.8.

22.5.8 was in unstable, and everything went fine with it.
Thanks a lot.

Alexander Onic

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