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preloading modules, sarge netinst cd


I have a network card not supported by the sarge netinst CD, but would like to
do a net install anyway.

The documentation on the CD is the same as the install docs on debian.org.
Section 10.4, Preloading Existing Modules, tells me to do this:

Extract the kernel and modules for the flavor that you want to install with...

     tar -zxvf
     tar -zxvf modules.tgz
     less lib/modules/2.4.18-bf2.4/modules.dep

but there are no such files on my CD, presumably because these docs were written
with the full install CDs in mind, not the netinst.

I have a kernel image, source, and headers installed already that's the same as
the one the net installer uses (2.4.22-1-386). Can't I just build my nic driver
against these and put them on a floppy? Which files to I put on the floppy?
Just nvnet.o? Is that all a 'kernel module' is, the .o file?


Eliot Stock.

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