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Re: Re. CD writer

hi ya sidney

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Antonio [ISO-8859-1] Rodr wrote:

> > I am reaching a stage of complete frustration in my
> > effort to install a CD writer. I have Debian woody
> > with a 2.4.22 kernel that I got from www.kernel.org.
> > 
> > My effort to configure the kernel for the scsi
> > emulation always fails. I am following the
> > instructions of: Linux-1U.net/CDRW CDRW-Writing
> > uHOWTO. Every time I follow their instructions,
> > including taking out all reference to ide from the
> > configuration menu, I still end up with ide not sg
> > when I do /proc/devices.

sounds like one more module/kernel option is not defined
	- scsi section and
	- ata section

what is your .config file for your 2.4.22 kernel ?
	- check for each and every module and devices listed

what is the contents your lilo.conf or grub/menu.lst file 

   with lilo

   with grub, you have to have these cdrom options listed
	hdc=ide-scsi hdclun=0 

	you might have problems if you swap a hd instead
	instead of cdrw into /dev/hdc ( its not interchangeable )


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