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change medium type on Sis 900


I'm trying to install Debian on my mom's PC. The only problem is her Sis900. For some reason it won't work at 100 mbps. All other PC's in this house are happily working together at 100 mpbps but my mom's Sis900 NIC refuses to work at 100 mbps (it gives 99% packet loss).

In that other "Operating System" changing the speed to 10 mbps wasn't a big deal but GNU/Linux gives me some problems.

When I do:

ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 medium 10baseT
ifconfig eth0 up

it still gives me 90-100% packet loss. The 100 mbps indicator on the switch also stays on. I'm planning on buying a decent NIC for her this weekend but I'm still interested in what the problem could be...

Any thoughts?

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