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Need help with settings for Apache2../etc/default

I am trying again to get apache2 installed from SID. It seems to be seriously screwed up as is apache1.3. Seems to be heavy development right now on both. I know its the nature of SID to have problems, so I am not surprised by this...however the severity of the issues is widespread. I removed all of the apache 1.3 files..some I had to get by hand as dpkg --purge did not clear them. One in particular that is causing trouble is /etc/defaul/apache2 It needs to start apache2 at boot time. That seems to be disabled.

Sooo__My question is:
Where are the docs that explain the overall usage of the /etc/default config files and the command syntax used?
Is each of these supposed to be set up by debconf?
I did not notice this as an issue with the last version of apache2 in sid.
Is anyone working on getting php to work with the debian version of apache2?
Any help, coments, or other ideas is appreciated.

John Foster

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